Thumbs up for hand safety awareness in Aberdeen

Whatever you call them, paws, mitts, hands; we all need to take much better care of our digits. Have you ever considered how you would cope if you lost a finger or thumb? 

ASCO recently ran an internal campaign on the topic of hand safety and teams across the ASCO Group got creative to help demonstrate the importance of hand safety, including the team in Aberdeen.

UK HSEQ Manager, Kevin Robertson, commented: “Our Aberdeen bases have monthly safety meetings and we’ve revamped these over the last couple of months so that they are much more interactive and require active participation from the attendees. This includes more group tasks and less focus on reading safety statistics verbatim. 

“With hand injuries being such a challenge in our industry, we carried out a group exercise which demonstrated to the base managers, safety coaches and clients in attendance the importance of having five digits on each hand and how restrictive everyday tasks can be if you were to lose one or more. The group conducted four simple tasks which were carried out with their thumbs safely restrained on each hand. The tasks included changing a nappy, peeling a banana, playing golf and opening a bag of crisps.

“Obviously this proved a bit of fun for the attendees, but the real message hit home when they realised just how essential their thumbs are. I requested each base manager and safety coach to take this back to their own bases and embed this message within their own teams. 

“A simple lapse in concentration or corner cut can result in doing serious harm to your hands, and have an immediate and long lasting effect on a person’s quality of life.”